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14: Newsletters

The old NewsletterPro, resurrected - not an upgrade of NP and not an offer to support NP.

  • removal of bugs
  • option to use Web Links or WeblinksPro
  • option to use Forums or ForumsPro
  • option to use News or Pro News
  • provision for Blogs module
  • allow better layout by using WYSIWYG instead of bbcode
    (no longer restricted to TinyMCE)
  • selectable email rate per hour
  • removed member block - replaced by side block.
  • optimize code - removed triplication of code
  • allow admin to delete newsletters
  • allow save/restore/edit/delete of draft Newsletters
  • admin can select an Editors group
    (ability to save, restore, edit, delete draft Newsletters)
  • added a ReadMe section to admin
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