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  # Status Priority Subject Module Date Report AssignHrs
OpenAll VisitorsView 180 Open Norm Install + Pro_News (with fixes) newsletters 2012-08-08Layingback Phoenix 0.0
FeatureAll VisitorsView 172 Open Norm MySQL Import storez 2012-01-30RickC Phoenix 0.0
Alert-DoneAll VisitorsView 182 Done Alert IpTracker use of preg_match ip_tracker 2014-06-02Layingback Phoenix 0.0
Alert-DoneAll VisitorsView 11 Done Alert Error in Checkout Order - column count storez 2008-01-13Phoenix Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 175 Done High Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array bizstore 2012-05-10Vader7 Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 173 Done High Missing Code for New Install for IP_Tracker 9.2.2 ip_tracker 2012-04-24Layingback Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 152 Done High Fatal error: Call to undefined function OpenTable your_account 2010-01-28Dizfunkshunal Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 149 Done High My Headlines in my account your_account 2010-01-26Radiogetswild Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 124 Done High blocks/block-Newsletters.php newsletters 2009-12-29Radiogetswild Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 108 Done High Admin - Add User your_account 2009-12-14Dizfunkshunal Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 103 Done High Database Error storez 2009-11-28RickC Phoenix 0.0
FeatureAll VisitorsView 91 Done High Product Advertising API bizstore 2009-06-15RickC Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 74 Done High Bugger bugger 2008-10-29RickC Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 73 Done High Dealer button storez 2008-10-29RickC Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 69 Done High Availability option storez 2008-10-15Thewarden Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 67 Done High Uninstall error storez 2008-10-06RickC Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 65 Done High Update Install error v9.3.0 storez 2008-10-05RickC Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 63 Done High Stock management storez 2008-09-29Thewarden Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 57 Done High USPS not displaying options when used alone storez 2008-09-23Thewarden Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 45 Done High Add product - database error storez 2008-08-03Thewarden Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 43 Done High Checkbox option error storez 2008-08-01Thewarden Phoenix 0.0
FeatureAll VisitorsView 42 Done High Template Storez storez 2008-07-20Phoenix Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 34 Done High No upgrade to WeatherHarvest 9.1.0? weatherharvest 2008-05-14Layingback Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 32 Done High Treasury 9.3.1 - Donation Block treasury 2008-05-02BadCO Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 31 Done High Treasury Quarterly goal empty treasury 2008-05-01Phoenix Phoenix 0.0
150 buggers listed, 109 buggered off, 31 declined, 8 on hold.