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6: Blogs Plus

An upgrade of Ians' enhanced version of the Blogs module by Trevor.

Aside from the general update for DragonflyCMS 9.1.x, enhancements include:
  • Collapsible Blogs on the main page, plus the ability to add a Group that can edit/remove blogs/comments.
  • Blog owners can now allow/deny other users from commenting on their personal blogs.
  • Discuss It added, without the errors and shortcomings of all other versions.
  • Options to comment in forum or blog.
  • Blog deletion will also delete topics and posts and reset forum and user stats.
  • Admin option for CPG-BB or ForumsPro.
  • Admin converter added to convert previous blogs and comments to topics and posts, if desired.
  • ReadMe added to admin, so make sure you read it before running the converter.
  • This update does require a database change, so BACKUP files and database tables first, then ensure you click Edit in admin > modules
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