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25: Treasury

Treasury is a highly evolved donation management module. Easy to install, but you do need to setup IPN correctly in your PayPal account.

  • block is now tableless and has a progress bar on it
  • module is now more compact and tableless
  • XHTML 1.1 strict
  • admin interface is dramatically overhauled, each part in its own section
  • a user guide is now included within admin
  • transaction log is now accessible and paginated
  • register and donations are both paginated
  • code tightened up to reduce database load
  • IPN return file has improved error handling
  • guest donations now accepted into the database
  • pending payments like eCheck also now accepted into the database
  • added email notification of donations to admin
  • admin donations list now has sort capability on last date, username and donation
  • user profile now has edit link and an extra admin function
  • config data restructured and cached
  • several extra display options added, especially the block
  • admin tooltips
  • dates as unixtime and admin display in pre-defined us or uk format
  • user donations can be totalled over selectable time periods in admin
  • option to auto-assign users to a specific group
  • enhanced pagination and sorting.
Minor database alteration to the return and notify URLs. Critical notes for the 9.2.3 release - ensure the ipntreas.php file is uploaded to DF root - PayPal IPN Auto-Return must be set to ON. This release incorporates the Supporters module. Support Available Here - Report Bugs Here