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25.3: Operational Notes Parent

  1. The Registry tab allows you to manage your site's receipts & expenses with basic entries to record them. You can also total your most recent user contributions as a single entry in the registry by Reconciling your paypal receipts. There is also an option to display a summary of your registry to Donors.

  2. The Block allows you to display your current monthly or event donation goals and what funds have been received towards that goal. Display of Goals and/or Donormeter is now selectable. It also lists the users who have contributed in the current month or event. You can elect to display monthly goals, or not.

  3. There are tool-tips for most admin options that describe their use. Just hover your mouse over an option to see the descriptions. Tool tips will only be shown if you activate Show tooltips in DragonflyCMS General Settings.

  4. Treasury will look at varying time periods, depending on the option you choose - monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly. Alternatively, you can choose to manage donations on an event basis, with set targets for each donation campaign.

  5. Users can view their personal donation summary through their Profile - viewable only by the user or admin.

  6. Treasury will also account for any refunds that you process - they will automatically cancel out the original donation and a record will be saved in the Transaction Log. The donor's profile will show the original donation as well as the refund.

  7. You can verify that your site will respond to PayPal by clicking the IPN test link.
    • This will also place an entry in your Transaction Log.

  8. If you are having problems with transactions not appearing, check the Transaction Log for any clues to problems.
    • if they pay by echeck (3 days to clear) the log will contain "pending_reason => echeck".
    • if there is a refund or a reversal that cancels a previous donation.

  9. Whenever IPN data is not stored in your database, you will have to manually enter the data from your PayPal Email in the empty bottom row of the Donations tab. Typical values required are listed below that bottom row - do not ignore them.
    This will happen less frequently now that Auto-Return has been restored - donors are automatically returned to your site (no click needed).

  10. Treasury accepts pending payments, like eCheck, and stores the info in the database, with status of 'Pending'. When the eCheck clears, it should now receive the PayPal IPN info and automatically update your datbase - otherwise, you can change status to 'Completed' in the Donations tab and the donation will appear in your goals and donor list - you will need to add data for the fee, settle amount and exchange rate.

  11. Membergroup subscriptions - not to be confused with PayPal subscriptions.  Auto assignment to a special Supporters group of your choice was introduced previously - now you can choose to allow that membership only for your donation duration i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc. after which their group membership will automatically expire.

    Each subsequent donation by a given donor will simply extend the expiry date by the duration from which the donation was made.
    e.g. your duration is Monthly, a donation on 15th Feb will expire on 15th March.
    Same donor contributes again on 27th Feb, so the expiry is extended to 27th March.

  12. Events based donations - this is an alternative to the existing time-based donation system.
    You choose one or the other - it does not support both simultaneously.
    It will only operate for one event Campaign at a time, and you must decide when to end any given campaign.

  13. The green bar below the goal summary (near the bottom of the block) is the percent achievement of your monthly goal - you can elect to display it in your Block Config tab.

  14. Paging is provided when Register and Donation records exceed 10, and when Transaction logs exceed 5.

  15. The donation Totals tab can be viewed on a Username basis for selectable time periods with sort by Username, Date and Amount.

  16. There is now provision for you to automatically assign donors to a selected "Supporters" group in the Config tab.

  17. There are also a couple of pre-defined date formats available to you.