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22: Syndicated News

An update of Alex's nifty module to support DragonflyCMS v10.

This module is designed to manage RSS/XML feeds. With it, you can:
  • Display multiple feeds on one page.
  • Create blocks with multiple feeds (see example blocks)
  • List your feeds
For each feed, you can define:
  • The feed's Name and Description.
  • The # of stories you'd like to retain for each feed.
  • The refresh time.
  • A maximum number of "tries" for each feed before the feed becomes automatically disabled.
This module doesn't bog down your main page as all feeds are cached in the database.
If you use the "Maximum # of Tries before De-Activation" option for a feed, feeds will automatically disable themselves when they are down for an extended period (when the # of tries exceeds the maximum).