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7: Bugger

A simplified vehicle for managing, tracking and discussing bugs, features and upgrades, integrated with forums.

Operating Notes
  • Only registered users can generate a bugger.
    (they can also edit it until Status has been assigned)
  • Please check what is there or search before adding a new bugger.
  • After viewing by admin, priority, status and a debugger will be assigned.
  • A forum topic will most likely be auto-generated by our DiscussIt system for further discussion.
  • Buggers can also be assigned to a Group to restrict viewing access.
  • Only admin can delete a bugger.
  • After a bugger is finished the bugger reporter gets a confirmation email.

Status, Priority
  • Status and priority are controlled by the Assigned user.
  • Status: open, 30%, 60%, 90%, done, hold, decline.
  • Priority: low, normal, high, alert.
  • Buggers are sorted first by status, then by priority.

Color & Symbol Coding
  • red - bugger Alert!
  • rose - open buggers
  • mustard - 30% buggered
  • peach - 60% buggered
  • lime - 90% buggered
  • green - buggered off
  • white - on hold, declined or unassigned
  • bugs - No Status Alert Intermediate Buggered
  • features - Feature
  • information - Info