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  1. I sent a newsletter, but there is nothing listed in the module?
    In order to see newsletters you MUST be a registered user - reasons include:
    a) they had to register for you to send the newsletter, so they need to be logged in.
    b) The subscribe/unsubscribe references the user's id.

    Registered users will only see newsletters that were sent to everyone or if they belong to a specific group.
    e.g. if you sent a test newsletter to yourself as "Administrator", then only users with administrator rights will be able to see those newsletters.

  2. How can I stop a newsletter being listed in the module?
    You can disable a newsletter from displaying in the module by going to Newsletters admin and uncheck the newsletter you do not want displayed.
    Admin can also delete Newsletters - be careful when you click - it is not reversible.

  3. What is Custom Footer?
    The custom footer can be either an additional footer that is sent at the bottom of the email, or you can use it in place of the email footer that is read from your language file.
    These options are in the Footer section.

  4. Who can control Newsletters?
    Anyone that is a superuser or has been added as a Newsletters admin can control Newsletters.

  5. There is a blank page when I try to view an old Newsletter?
    Most likely the newsletter was not archived in the "archives" folder.
    Verify in the General section that "Archive Writeable" says "Yes".
    If not you should be able to click on the "No" link and it will chmod the "archives" folder to 777.
    If it still says "No", please use a shell or FTP client to change the "archives" folder mode to 777.