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14.1: Newsletters Setup Parent

  1. Activate the Newsletters module, set viewing permissions and assign side blocks.

  2. Go to the Config section and verify:
    a) you are using Downloads or DownloadsPro
    b) you are using Web Links or WeblinksPro
    c) you are using Forums or ForumsPro
    d) you are using News or Pro News
    e) auto newsletters and email parsing options are selected
    f) the "archives" folder is writeable by your server
    g) setup your desired Photo Gallery options
    h) setup your desired Footer options
    i) setup if you want to use templates

  3. Images in CPGNuCalendar
    In order for the images and links for CPGNuCalendar to correctly appear in the newsletter,
    you may need to update these two lines in modules/CPGNuCalendar/includes/
    Approx. Line 841: add $BASEHREF to the end of the global list
    Approx. Line 860: change <img src="modules/ to <img src="$BASEHREF"."modules/

  4. Sending only xx emails per hour
    You can choose to send emails at once, or at various selectable rates per hour.
    (current choices are 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500 and unlimited)
    There may be a bug when using the feature to only send xx emails/hour though I haven't experienced it yet.
    Don't send another newsletter before the newsletters_temp table is finished sending the first newsletter.

  5. Auto generate newsletters
    You have the option to send a newsletter every day, week, month, or quarter.
    It will automatically find all the optional features since the last newsletter.
    e.g. Articles, Forums, Links, Downloads, mKnow, MReview, Blogs and Pictures.
    To add the ability for Auto Generated Newsletters, add this line in your root footer.php file, just below the MS Analysis line.

    // Newsletters Entry
    if (is_active(\'Newsletters\')) { require_once(\'modules/Newsletters/functions/\'); }

  6. Pending Newsletters
    Newsletters can now be saved without sending them, in the newsletters_pending table, on a group basis.
    They can then be restored and edited, saved again or even deleted.

  7. For added visual enhancement, place this code at the end of your theme\'s style.css file.

    /* Newsletters <tr> fields */
    tr.row1 {
    background-color: #FFFFFF;
    tr.row2 {
    background-color: #EAEAEA;
    tr.row3 {
    background-color: #FFFFCC;

  8. Restoring NewsletterPro records to Newsletters:
    Copy all .html files from /modules/NewsletterPro/archives/ to /modules/Newsletters/archives/
    Then use phpmyadmin to transfer your datbase records.
    Operations tab
    Copy table to
    Data only
    from cms_newsletter_history to cms_newsletters_history

    Alternatively, Drop the newly created cms_newsletters_history table
    Operations tab
    Copy table to
    Structure and data
    from cms_newsletter_history to cms_newsletters_history