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5.3: Operational Notes Parent

  1. BEWARE - this program will increase search engine activity when your site is indexed.
    If you get excessive hit rates (from the many wannabe bots) Amazon will block you intermittently.

  2. The initial Categories on the front page can now be added/edited and activated/de-activated through Manage Nodes.
    If there is no database for a locale, BizStore defaults to the relevant modules/BizStore/nodes/ file.
  3. Note: database data is only initally provided for the US store, so it is the only locale that operates from the database.

  4. The sub-categories that appear after you click a front page link are managed in each modules/BizStore/nodes/
    You can obtain info for these files from Trace Nodes then cut/paste the resultant array data.
    Alternatively, use the website links provided in Trace Nodes to construct your own.

  5. Visitors can access any of the different country Amazon stores simply by clicking the relevant flag icon.

  6. The welcome message will appear on the main module page, if you want it to - the choice is yours.

  7. A Configuration option (near the bottom) exists so that your front page can be:
    the standard display of categories,
    or a single specific category with its sub-categories,
    or a product listing associated with that specific category.

  8. In product listings and in the center block, you can opt to display buttons to go directly to Amazon or to the onsite cart.

  9. If your cart isn't working, you may need to delete the cart cookie so that it can re-generate.
    You can also rename your cookie (default bizcart) through Configuration.

  10. There is also a center block and a side block in the distribution.
    • the center block can be customized by changing the value of the Keywords and SearchIndex variables.
    • the side block provides the cart and category listing.