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5.2: BizStore Setup Parent

  1. There is an assumption that your server has mod_rewrite enabled so that the htaccess change can work.
    (otherwise the Amazon links become horribly long and unattractive)

  2. In this distribution, there is a file called addto.htaccess - extract the lines of code and add them to your existing .htaccess file, immediately above the following line,
    # if you use LEO and CPG-Nuke is installed in a sub-directory like '/html'

    • make sure you have a backup copy of your .htaccess file before you do this!

  3. In the Configuration section, ensure you enter your own Amazon Associates ID(s) (or leave the existing ones).

  4. I repeat, you must enter your AWS AccessKey ID and its corresponding Secret Key, otherwise Amazon will not allow access to their feed.

  5. If you have a Google Adsense account you can enter that.

  6. Choosing your default locale determines which country dataset is initially used.
    (all are accessible by clicking the relevant country flag icon in BizStore).
    • us - USA
    • ca - Canada
    • uk - United Kingdom
    • de - Germany
    • fr - France
    • jp - Japan

  7. Make sure you uploaded the template and style files to your default theme.
    If you wish to customize for specific themes, edit the style and/or templates and upload to those themes.