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3.1: Operational Notes Parent

  1. Make sure you have deleted the language/audit/iptracker.php files, otherwise you will have undefined constants.

  2. You will now find language files in the modules/audit/l10n/ folder and they appear as english.php and german.php.

  3. If your upgrade was from below version v9.1.4 and was successful (you can verify that your exclusions are now in a database table), you can remove the modules/audit/exclusions.php file - it is now redundant.

  4. You may experience excessive load times, even blank pages on large database sizes, so beware of how many records you decide to keep - this is now less of a problem since queries have been optimized.

  5. BEWARE: changes to viewing permissions will raise your database queries.

  6. If your database is too large, you can prune through admin, or you can start excluding the big hitting search engines. You can also choose to exclude regular trusted members. Pruning can now be done by number of older records, Username or IP address.

  7. The despamming mechanism deletes spam referral records - simply enter the referer address and IPT will delete all records with that referer address, but be very careful in your choice of terms.

  8. Search engine bots are easily excluded by just excluding them as a user, using their DragonflyCMS "username".

  9. You have the ability to find IPs, users, bots and hostnames.

  10. Whilst collecting IP data, it also collects query time, number of queries used and page generation time, which can be displayed graphically.

  11. The search function allows you to search the data based on query time, number of queries used and page generation time.

  12. The little forbidden icon takes you to the Sin Bin which looks for indicators that your visitor might be malicious and provides you with options for corrective action.