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Category Dragonfly v10 > Add-ons
Submitted by Phoenix
Author's Name Phoenix (port)
Version 9.3.6 / 10.0
Compatibility 9.3.3 / 10.3
Published Wed Apr 13, 2005 12:13 pm
Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:28 am

Track your visitor's IP, module access and referer - handy for site management, elimination of malicious visitors and monitoring of search engine activity.

Update for DF v10 now available - select from list.

Thanks to DJMaze for some initial code optimization :)
  • Supports location and uses unix time.
  • Ability to exclude individual IPs and hosts as well as all bots.
  • Monitors referers and has despamming capability.
  • Exclusions are now stored in a database table and accessed via cache.
  • Search capability for Username, IP address and Hostname.
  • Manual pruning via a set number of records, username or IP address.
  • Main display queries optimized, 95% reduction in query time.
  • Paging improved for viewing pages accessed by an IP.
  • Database queries, query and page generation times collected and graphically displayed.
  • Search ability for selectable time period and minimum queries, query and page generation times.
  • Clicking the sinbin icon provides 3 different spam assessments plus relevant action options for visitors/users/search engines.
For Project Honeypot data you do need to sign-up and request a key

Whilst it has user view capability, it is still highly recommended that you restrict viewing to admin, or a limited group of moderators - certainly not all visitors.

Support Here

Editor's Note:
v9.2.0 - if the graph doesn't display, your server may require you to CHMOD 0666 or 0777 for the image modules/IP_Tracker/IP_Tracker.gif

Member reviews

Review #11: Excellent still one of the best modules out there for DF
by dusman on

This is still one of the best, if not the best, modules out there for DF! Thanks again!

Only HQ Sexy Celebrity Babes

Review #7: Excellent Addicting
by portrower8 on

This is a VERY GOOD module. I am really glad someone spent the time making it available. It is addicting. It is interesting (and kind of scary) to see everwhere my users go, what they look at, and how long they look at it.

It is good though, because it tells me what things they are interested in, and what isn't being noticed or used (so I know that the 9,0000 hours I spent trying to make a neat log were wasted because only 1 person looked at it-- or that I am going to be paying for the website for a long time because only 1 member visited the Donate-O-Meter (and they didn't donate).

Anyway. nice job. It would be neat to see MORE on it like the city/country name from included.

Review #4: Excellent Version problems
by bauerly on

Very Happy IP Tracker is a very nice program and work just great on version Dragonfly . I have upgraded to Dragonfly ( and It has quit working. I uninstalled and deleted all files that IP tracker had install and reinstalled without any problems except it still don't work. Surprised I miss this module and hope there is an upgrade soon.