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Phoenix Netology: DonationsPro
Model: : 10.2
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List Price: $50.00

  • provided you have at least Treasury v9.2.3 installed, it will transfer your existing Treasury database.
  • full "multi install" capability with separate database tables and cached files.
  • modified block and module to operate multiple events simultaneously from a single installation.
  • a prize(s) option to reward supporters within a specific event or duration.
  • optional Wall of Fame added with selectable donors per page and avatar size.
  • recurring donations - optional - aligned with the donation duration chosen in admin.
  • auto updates when echecks clear finally fixed.
  • goal and the above/below value concealed if the goal is zero.
  • cURL implementation - IPN will work for those whose hosts disable fsockopen() but have cURL supported.
  • version update info now provided.
  • created a line-break function to allow for editing javascript entered data.
  • default admin page is now the ReadMe.
  • updated admin Totals to accomodate event summaries.
  • for admin or the donor, their name in Totals now links to their profile.
  • updated PayPal Setup info to warn that accepting multi-currencies will require manual editing of donations.
  • allowing donors to specify some "other" donation value is now optional.
  • limiting a donation choice to only one value means you can run an event, competition or raffle with a set entry fee.
  • option to add Anonymous donors to the Donor group.
  • main config panel restructured to optimize space.
  • event based donations which will provide a donations campaign instead of the current time-based system.
  • option to provide full transparency of donations/expenses.
  • option to suppress the main page top button which directs down to the actual submit button area.
  • fix for erroneous settle amounts, and the installer will adjust any older data.
  • enhancement to the donor totals area - you can now total between any two dates you choose.
  • cleared echecks should now auto update the database IF PayPal sends IPN data for cleared echecks.
  • membergroup subscriptions - not to be confused with PayPal subscriptions. Auto assignment to a special Supporters group of your choice was introduced previously - now you can choose to allow that membership only for your donation duration i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc. after which their group membership will automatically expire.
  • installer re-built for the DragonflyCMS 9.2.x database check facility.
  • several extra display options added.
  • enhanced pagination and sorting.
  • eliminated the pita javascript.
  • eliminated use of URLs for essential file links.
  • added indexes to the config tables.
  • donation periods can be month, quarter, half or year.
  • paypal fees can be ignored i.e. show gross donations only.

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Includes a subscription for DonationsPro forum support and product updates. (for registered members of this site)

Versions for vBulletin, SMF and MyBB available here.

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