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{article/topic_title} NukeAmazon Relocation

Posted by Phoenix on (1284 views)
Regrettably had to close because it is in violation of my associates agreement with Amazon, which precludes me using amazon in a domain name. No problem, we have now moved here. Hence the forums are now relocated here, along with your user info.

{article/topic_title} Nuke Amazon 2.6.5cpg2a Released

Posted by Phoenix on (1226 views)
Version 2.6.5cpg2a released to correct a minor error in the first distro that prevented blocks working correctly. Center block added, courtesy of casino-mn. Annoying PHP warning bug eliminated. More code tidied up. Also changed name of a couple of fields in the config table to eliminate un-necessary variable definitions (more detail in forum). In downloads section.

{article/topic_title} Nuke Amazon 2.6.5cpg2 Released

Posted by Phoenix on (1275 views)
NukeAmazon 2.6.5cpg2 has been released and is available in our downloads section. Installation has been upgraded to meet cpg-nuke2 requirements and installs and un-installs through the admin Modules panel. Once again, special acknowledgement to the original author, EJDiaz of

{article/topic_title} NukeAmazon for CPG-Nuke Available

Posted by Phoenix on (1233 views)
The module is now available in the downloads area - sorry about the reg required, but will remove reg once I have downloads modded to avoid leeching.

{article/topic_title} NukeAmazon for CPG-Nuke

Posted by Phoenix on (1292 views)
An optimized version of the great NukeAmazon module has been developed which is HTML compliant and which will operate under CPG-Nuke. When released (not yet), it will be in our downloads area and, regrettably, that does require site membership.
Many Thanks
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