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{article/topic_title} Clock Calendar

Posted by Phoenix on (747 views)
A very basic version of the Clock Calendar block has been added to downloads. Simple download, unzip and add both files to blocks directory :)

{article/topic_title} Friend Finder

Posted by Phoenix on (587 views)
I have a working test version here. Feel free to put it through it's paces and feedback info in the NukeBiz FriendFinder forum - it still needs further xhtml optimization reduction of some excessive db query issues to be completed in some areas. I have eliminated the cookies and integrated more into Dragonfly, upgraded the admin interface, included 'waiting approvals' and fixed numerous language issues.

{article/topic_title} Nuke Treasury

Posted by Phoenix on (553 views)
A ported version of Nuke Treasury is under development. The block, module and admin function okay, and the paypal connection is under testing.

{article/topic_title} Amazilla Released

Posted by Phoenix on (559 views)
Amazilla for CPG Dragonfly CMS is now released and available in our downloads section. There have been significant changes in the way it works, so a "fresh" install is necessary. There is a minor issue yet to be resolved in the amazon feed parser, but it has little impact on functionality - hopefully someone will work it out :)

{article/topic_title} Amazilla for Dragonfly CMS

Posted by Phoenix on (568 views)
The Amazilla module is very close to release - just one annoying problem with the shopping cart. It now has a nice little catalog block that pops up with module, and the admin interface very useful - the full prototype is on the Amazilla website. It is now much faster and cleaner, with a huge drop in database queries, and is completely compatible with CPG Dragonfly CMS :)

{article/topic_title} IP Tracker

Posted by Phoenix on (735 views)
The popular IP Tracking program from Scott Rubin is now ported to CPG Dragonfly CMS. It still needs some more fine tuning but the basics work just fine.

{article/topic_title} Amazilla AMZcpg82 Update for 8.2b

Posted by Phoenix on (571 views)
Amazilla version AMZcpg82 is available in downloads. Whilst the name has changed to avoid confusion, it is an update which includes recent enhancements (v2.7) by EJDiaz from http://preciogasolina.com, the author of Nuke Amazon. Please consider donating to him through the PayPal button in your Amazilla admin area. While you're at it, continue on to CPG-Nuke and give them a donation for the great platform that supports Amazilla.

{article/topic_title} Amazilla

Posted by Phoenix on (649 views)
Amazilla is born, the CPG-Nuke version of that wonderful NukeAmazon module. The name is changed to overcome confusion with the original phpnuke version. Amazilla version AMZcpg3 is compatible with CPG-Nuke 8.2b and the impending 9.0.

{article/topic_title} AmazonCPG

Posted by Phoenix on (634 views)
The NukeAmazon module has been further optimized and is now totally reliant on CPG-Nuke. Consequently it has been renamed AmazonCPG to reflect this and eliminate confusion. AmazonCPG3 will be released shortly, key aspects * considerable database query reductions (>100) * full compatibility with CPG-Nuke 8.2b and 8.3 CVS versions * integrates with LEO (Link Engine Optimization).

{article/topic_title} NukeAmazon Relocation

Posted by Phoenix on (661 views)
Regrettably nukeamazon.com had to close because it is in violation of my associates agreement with Amazon, which precludes me using amazon in a domain name. No problem, we have now moved here. Hence the forums are now relocated here, along with your user info.
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