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Treasury 9.2.2 Major Release Reply to topic

Treasury just got better with a major update.
  • config data has been restructured and cached to reduce queries.
  • several extra display options added, especially the block.
  • admin tooltips added.
  • dates as unixtime and admin can display in us or uk format.
  • user donations can be totalled over selectable time periods in admin.
  • option to auto-assign users to an admin selectable group - handy for supporter rewards.
Available Here

Note: because of the frequent issues that people had with paypal email address affecting the block totals display, I have changed the field (was business) that the block groups data on - it is now the item_name field, usually called Donation. If this presents problems, or you have changed it at some point in the current month, a simple sql query can change all values in your database to whatever you now use - back-up your database tables first!UPDATE YOURPREFIX_treas_trans SET item_name='YOURITEMNAME';Alternatively, whenever you edit a specific donation through admin, the save process will automatically change item_name for that transaction to the value you have specified in your config panel.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

All times are Australia/Adelaide

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