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My apologies for this belated (3 months) release - I simply missed it whilst churning out theme upgrades.
  • requires at least DragonflyCMS 9.3.3
  • language files relocated to modules/IP_Tracker/l10n/
    - all files added as english.php, german.php, etc.
    - you must delete all language/yours/ip_tracker.php files - rename non-english language files and add to l10n directory e.g. german.php
  • added more language defines
  • fix for gmtime() required in v9
    (an oversight when backtracking from v10)
  • fixed installer for Project HoneyPot config values
  • search for user will now return a list of the various IPs used by that user
  • improved handling of the modules list means that it will now list only hits for a given module
  • ability to export your data with one click on the main page (thanks Nano)
  • replacement of ereg functions for PHP 5.3 (thanks Nano)
  • IP masking code enhanced (Nano)
  • general code tidy up
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