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[release] CPGNuCalendar v2.2.0 Reply to topic

  • only for DragonflyCMS v9.3.3 or greater.
  • relies upon your Forums timezone setting.
  • set your relevant board DST region in Calendar Settings.
  • use of ADODB functions eliminated.
    - delete modules/CPGNuCalendar/functions/adodb.inc
  • language files relocated to modules/CPGNuCalendar/l10n/
    - all files added as english.php, german.php, etc.
    - you must delete all language/yours/cpgnucalendar.php files - rename non-english language files and add to l10n directory e.g. german.php - update your language files with the additional constants for v2.2.0 ( listed at the end of the english.php file )
  • weekend start can be set to any day of the week
    - from that point 2 consecutive days will be highlighted as weekends.
    - uses new class calendarwe
  • icon added to each day on month view to permit event addition
  • Calendar time now displayed on every event, day, week and month view.
  • new installs now only use dates from 1971 to 2037.
  • changes to database, so BACKUP before you start!!
  • compatible with DF v10 preview version.
No support for issues on sites with less than DF v9.3.3.

Download Here • Bugs Here

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

All times are Australia/Adelaide

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