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Stores 9.3.6

I'm trying to enable 'Direct Deposit" payment option on an existing store in order to provide a Bank Transfer (B.A.C.S.) payment option in the online store. (Currently it's done via email.)

Essentially it works, but the Sort-Code/Routing number is held as BigInt on DB, so 3-part Sort Codes of the form 99-99-99 get truncated to the first 2 digits only.

Similarly Bank Number which is just branch name in UK is stored as BigInt.

And finally A/c No. is also stored as BigInt when I guess it needs to be stored in text as it must be 8 digits long, so leading zeros can't be dropped.

Can I just change the storage formats in MySQL to text?

Where are the results of the edits processed, please? To check validation. I've been unable to track the right module down for "submit value=Update" from Storez&mode=CartPaymentEdit&payment_id=6


Please enter your server specs in your user profile! 😢

No doubt the info is in the relevant file under modules/Storez/payments/

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