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Just installed IP_Tracker, and there's a couple of small bugs you might like to address.

1. For those of us who have a User table with a different prefix.

index.php line 283 should use $user_prefix for the User table, not $prefix. i.e. the correct line should be:-

$sql = "SELECT i.ipusername, i.ip_address, i.hostname, MAX(date_time), COUNT(*), MIN(ipid), s.uname, u.username FROM ".$prefix."_iptracking AS i LEFT JOIN ".$prefix."_session AS s ON s.uname=i.ipusername LEFT JOIN ".$user_prefix."_users AS u ON u.username=i.ipusername WHERE $filter $modfilter $adminfilter GROUP BY 1,2,3 ORDER BY $orderby $orderdir LIMIT $offset, $numip";

You'll also need to add global $user_prefix; somewhere prior to that line as well.

2. In admin/index.inc

line 449 change from this:-

$this->cpg_error( _IPTENTERVALUE );

To this:-

cpg_error( _IPTENTERVALUE );

line 454 change from this:-

$this->cpg_error( _IPTWRITEERROR );

To this:-

cpg_error( _IPTWRITEERROR );

Please enter your server specs in your user profile! 😢

Many thanks for the reports - have caught the user_prefix issue (eliminated actually) in an overhaul during the past couple of days - includes some query optimization and a number of xhtml1.1 fixes.

Will release that, plus the admin fixes later today Smile

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