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How I Used Free & Low Cost Internet Sources to Locate My Birth Parents
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by Kevin Witten

Discover how one man overcame the obstacles and beat the odds.

Kevin Witten chronicles his 16 year search for his birth parents, beginning with youthful curiosity at 12 years of age and becoming an overwhelming desire to trace his roots by age 28.

Raised by loving and caring adoptive parents, explore the complexity of emotions he willingly shares with the reader, along with the expenses incurred that produced no results.

Follow his journey through the emotional roller coaster as he runs into one brick wall after another. Learn how to gather important facts and information from strangers without "spilling the beans" before you are ready.

What was the final determining factor in realizing his dream? Technology. . .and in "How I Used Free & Low Cost Internet Sources To Locate My Birth Parents" Kevin reveals exactly what he did to bring about his modern miracle.

This fact-filled handbook is a must have for anyone searching for a lost relative or loved one. Learn what works and what does not. All the resources that Kevin used to find his family are listed along with recommendations on how to use them.

After searching for 16 years, discover what Kevin did to finally realize his goal in just 30 days!

Don't wait another minute! Find the answers you've been seeking right here. Time is too precious to waste. Let Kevin help you as he was able to help himself and his loved ones.

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