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Your Power Numbers
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By Albert Court

How many times have you checked your horoscope? It's a pretty good bet that it's one of the first things you read in the newspaper. Maybe you even have a horoscope link on the start page when you log onto the Internet.

Whether you read it for fun or are a serious follower you've probably had a chuckle or two or may have even unconsciously kept the advice in the back of your mind the rest of the day. Are you aware that there is another modality that is just as telling as your horoscope?

Not all of us are astute mathematicians but we do know that mathematics are finite. In other words, numbers don't lie. You've heard this all your life. Crunch the numbers. There is no part of your life that is immune to numbers. Everything from finances to food. We are a society that lives by the numbers.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to you that there is an entire study surrounding numbers and how they affect our lives from birth to death. Some believe that Numerology is actually much older than Astrology.

With this school of thought they believe that numbers have as much of or even more influence on our lives than the stars. For example did you know that you have:

  • Your Life Number

  • Your Personal Number

  • Your Heart's Desire Number

  • Your Image Number

  • Your Birthday Number

  • Your Year Number

Each of those numbers represent a very important segment of your life. How to discover those numbers and what they mean to you is the entire basis for the study of Numerology.

Also, are you aware that you have a person lucky number? Hmm, that just might come in handy the next time you visit a casino or buy a lottery ticket!

Listen, we can't guarantee that you will win a lottery or succeed at anything else as a result of reading "Your Power Numbers." But we will guarantee that you won't learn anything about Numerology if you don't read it.

So, why don't you satisfy your curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Have a little fun or even discover an entire new outlook on numbers and how they influence your life. Grab your copy today and see where your numbers fall when you crunch them. You might be surprised!

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