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Hi, Question:
I'm using the cpgT_xSport theme and have a issue with a table color. Here is a link to the page:
www.downtownasheville....views.html The last ten's table is the one I need to change the color on.

Also this one the sort bar at the top of the table:
www.downtownasheville....rop=T.html I see that they are the same color so I think changing one will change the other, correct?

The color I would want is from the theme I'm useing and in the css is listed as: ECE6D7

/*--- [1. Universal] -------------------------------*/ body { margin: 0px; background: #ECE6D7; font: 11px Verdana, Tahoma, Helvetica, Arial, Sans-Serif; color: #000; }

Please enter your server specs in your user profile! 😢

Without in-depth checking, it's probably the same issue that angellis_ater has with a dark theme also - it's the use of $bgcolor4 in that area, so I'll have to change it to the same as other areas, otherwise you'll have to customize every update.

Updated nukebiz.com/Downloads/...id=42.html

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

I loaded the new file and my site went blank! Just kidding Smile

It worked very well, I'm looking over the old file to see how it compaires to new one. I think I understand what your talking about.

Thanks very much for the way you help !!

Please enter your server specs in your user profile! 😢

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