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Available Here
Now you have control over the store.
  • added Appliances, Arts and Crafts, Home and Garden
  • selecting a main category now provides a product listing as well as the usual sub-category listing
  • editable browse nodes - add/edit and activate/de-activate categories used
    (if no browse nodes in database for a locale, it uses info from nodes/locale_browse.inc)
  • database changes so make sure you upgrade the module in:
    admin => modules => edit => Upgrade to 9.5.0
For those operating the US locale and with customized categories on the front page, go to Manage Nodes in admin to check the 35 active categories I have provided and edit/de-activate those you don't want listed. Add/activate your own custom categories.

Check the Read Me section. Non-US locales will operate as before, until you start adding info via Manage Nodes.

Bugs and Features will only be actioned when reported through Bugger

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Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

All times are Australia/Adelaide

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