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Anyone know of an updated Nodes List? We are missing Kindle Store and others.

Also after product page 10 there are no more products showing. I saw someone talking about this earlier but cannot seem to find the discussion. Confused

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hmm, you mean like here:

Amazon wrote
The changes, described below, will help us continue to provide you with relevant and useful features to advertise Amazon products. The following changes to the API will take effect on November 1, 2011:
  • Associate Tag will be a required and verified input parameter in all requests to the API
  • SellerLookup, SellerListingLookup and SellerListingSearch operations will no longer be supported by the API
  • ItemPage parameter will be limited to a maximum of 10 pages for ItemSearch results
  • MerchantId parameter will no longer be supported for filtering offers, variations and search results
  • Merchants search index will no longer be supported
  • Data returned by the Offers and ItemAttributes response groups will be limited to the most frequently used attributes

Like I said before, they just keep making it harder for affiliates to make money for them.

Quite simply, they want people directed to their store on their terms, which means using the the little widgets they provide.

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