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Just a question: I've been asked if Storez can do the type of 1-click ordering now being operated by some small e-commerce sites using Paypal to do everything including obtaining name, shipping and billing addresses.

Here's an example site using this technique, but there are many today: despins.co.uk. Click on a Buy Now button and you go straight to Paypal for the entire checkout process.

And it looks at first glance as if Storez can/could almost handle this, in that it can be configured to allow orders by unregistered guests. And if you set all the order fields to be not required it will step through the entire checkout process and then go to Paypal.

But can the existing code get back the name, shipping and billing info from Paypal as part of the order confirmation process? And is there a call that will cause Storez to go straight to Paypal without first displaying all the interim checkout screens? (And if there is would this by-pass the inventory management control?)

I realise that such a system is limited but for a small store with only a few products, which only expects to ever sell 1 item at a time, it is a simple user experience, esp. for a Paypal user.

And if it were possible then perhaps as an adjunct to a normal Storez set up, one could have a 'Buy Now' button directly on a Content page (outside of Storez).

TIA for any insight.

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As you surmised, one click ordering is usually done by small websites, and usually with simple requirements. In fact, such sites have always been in the majority. Like the duck paddling on the pond, what you see is not quite as simple as it appears. I don't use Storez for customers with such basic needs.

It's just a standard website payments button requiring html code. PayPal provide everything - every product requires a specific PayPal button code and their PayPal account does the lot, including invoicing, shipping and tax calculations.

Yes, handy for existing PayPal members but unregistered guests are required to enter their card and detailed shipping details at the PayPal site instead of yours.

It is not a simple integration - there isn't a switch to do what you want and the existing Storez ipn return doesn't even collect PayPal shipping address info.

There is a more complex system called Express Checkout which also simplifies the customer experience but requires strict adherence to their API and considerable coding.

You could easily incorporate such a button into templates but would have to code an ipn return file specific to that system to get info back into your db.

Kendle used to have a commercial product for £40 called mStore but I'm not sure about its scope or availability since it no longer appears on his site.

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Thanks Phoenix, that was just the info that I was looking for.

Phoenix wrote
I don't use Storez for customers with such basic needs.

All things considered I think I'll take that piece of advice, and for now just create a button to Paypal's single item checkout, and let Paypal handle it all - which is what my client wants.

I'll hold back Storez for this client until/when/if they grow into multiple item orders.

Thanks again for your help!

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Good - sometimes a simple html solution can be better, although you could knock up a quick mod and automate the buttons if he has product info in a db.

Your client may need some steering through PayPal to ensure he sets up his product buttons exactly as PayPal requires, and if he has to add shipping and tax charges, although it is much more friendlier these days.

As his requirements develop, he could also take advantage of their cart solution for multiple item sales.

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Same client already has Storez for another site (with instant downloads) so next step up when/if necessary would logically be Storez.

They just want to eliminate the "perceived endless screens" of a normal shopping cart process for now. Captivated by the js/ajax of Paypal ordering?

So in meantime I'll see if I can build a Pro_News template to handle the Paypal buttons directly (via an input data field) to eliminate risk of error, and so they can add new items autonomously.

But I would really like to build a Pro_News template to link directly into Storez cart when/if I get the time. Seems like it should be a good fit.

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