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The Bugger gives me the option to edit my post but no option to update it after I make a change.

Initiated by Bugger (Original Entry) - Comments Here Please.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux infong 2.4 /5.0.91-log (client: 5.0.92)/5.2.17/

Thanks for that - also revealed another minor bug in that the edit option was available to anyone, even though they couldn't save it.

Now fixed - you can now edit it, until Status is assigned, which usually coincides with generation of the forum topic, at which time you can post amendments in the forum anyway.

Bugger now also lists all forum posts, so you can view progress there as well as the forum topic.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

All times are Australia/Adelaide

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