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Category Dragonfly v9
Submitted by Phoenix
Author's Name Phoenix
Version 3.2.7
Compatibility 9.2.x
Published Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:10 am

Advanced WYSIWYG editor to hook into the DragonflyCMS wysiwyg system.

To use this as WYSIWYG you need to upload the folders to the Dragonfly root - see this README.

In addition to integrating with the core wysiwyg system, an extra file is provided which allows its use anywhere within your modules:
  • add includes/wysiwyg/ before you include header.php
  • add class="mceAdvanced" to any textarea tag where you wish to evoke the editor.
  • you can also switch the editor on/off to view source code - see its implementation in modules/Storez/admin/products.php.

Editor's Note:
Although there are no known security risks, to avoid user abuse, its use is best limited to admin areas.