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Category Dragonfly v9 > Various > BrokenCrust
Submitted by Phoenix
Author's Name BrokenCrust
Version 2.0
Compatibility 9.2.x
Published Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:53 pm

Kudos is a member credits (or points) system that can be integrated into other Dragonfly modules including forums.

- Stores positive and negative credits.
- Graphical credit adjustment bar.
- Can give more than one point per credit (+/- 1 or 2).
- Credit history for each member with undo function.
- Your Account status block with last 5 changes.
- High Kudos block.
- Easy integration in forums - already working in standard Forums (9.2.1) and also in Forums PRO 2.
- Members with high or negative credit can be displayed.
- Latest Kudos changes can be displayed.
- Easily integrated with other modules because credit is through a URL or a class.
- Change reasons recorded with history.
- Option to PM automatically or with custom text.
- Easy Integration with News.
- Can set Kudos credit differently for each forum and optionally display a table of these.
- Can automatically assign or remove a Group at a certain set level of Kudos.
- Members can donate their Kudos to other members.
- Kudos can be scaled depending on the length of each Forum post.
- A minimum Forum post length to receive Kudos can be set.
- Can be set to admin only so user to user credit is disabled
- Adjustable anti-flood time limit
- Adjustable anti-bully/buddy time limit to prevent mulitple hits between the same users

Written Specifically For Dragonfly
- Fully templated for easy layout changes and page load speed.
- XHTML, php5.2 and MySQL 5.0 (strict mode) compliant.
- Full CSS integration.
- Fully multi-lingual (translations required).
- This module requires MySQL 4.1 or greater.
- This module requires php 5.0 or greater.

Included Languages
German, translated by Golem. Thank you.
Spanish, translated by greenday2k. Thank you.