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Forums » DragonflyCMS Projects » MReviews » Possible ideas for reviews
Possible ideas for reviews
A system for categorizing and managing reviews.
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Nice Poster

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 3:24 pm
Post subject: Possible ideas for reviews

Hi there Phoenix

reading down a few subjects about adding reviews ect

1) How about making add a review on the front so that when it takes you to the submissions page you have a drop down to which category you want the review to be placed. This way it makes the add a review more visible to any newbie and maybe more people would add in the reviews in the long run.

2) Adding a small graphic i.e. image upload

3) Letting the admin have more power over the submission form so that it can be customised to suite the websites subject..

for instance for me being able to place album track information i.e. artist and song and time length of tracks.. I will place a screen shot of a review that's been written to give you a better idea . this way it help keeps the reviews to a set neat and tidy format.

Ok that's my ten pence worth for the day have a great weekend

cheers from Tim

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