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The Ultimate Guide to Christmas on the Net
by Kevin Fichtner
( About The Author )

Ok, you are down to the wire. . .where did all the time go? Christmas is one week away and you still have not:

  • Bought your cards, let alone sent them.
  • Dragged the dusty decoration box down from the attic
  • Bought that token present for the office gift exchange
  • Made Christmas cookies
  • Stirred up a pot of fudge
  • Bought wrapping paper
  • and gifts. . .? HA!

Hey, we all do it. It seems like we just packed up all the ornaments from last year and here we are again. The older we get the faster the time flies. For many folks the holiday season seems to create more stress in their lives, totally missing the point of this time of year.

What should be a joyous season becomes one endless "TO DO" list after another. Until finally, totally exhausted, the last shred of torn wrapping paper is tidily dumped in the trash bin.

Where did it go? What happened to all that "Peace On Earth and Good Will To Men?"

Gosh, wasn't Sis trying to share something important with you, but you had no time to listen? And what about Mom? Did you acknowledge that tear in her eye as you gathered around the tree Christmas morning? The tear that was shed because Dad isn't with you any longer?

Take Back The Season!

Finally, someone is giving back the season. In this world of hustle, bustle and stress, Kevin Fichtner is giving us permission to recapture Christmas. With all the techno "stuff" that's out there, it's about time someone put it together in a package. How to recapture the joy, the traditions, the music and everything else we loved about the holidays.

Let's take stock of what he has stuffed in our stockings:

  • Meet Santa Claus at his North Pole Headquarters

  • Learn about timeless Christmas Traditions

  • How to create a Christmas budget

  • Preparing for the Christmas Party

  • Cooking for Christmas

  • Musical resources

  • Learn about Christmas around the world

  • Gifts ideas

  • and over 100 jam packed pages of everything you need for a stress free holiday season

This year it is time to take a stand. Stand up and tell the world you aren't going to tolerate it anymore. . .spread some joy. . .embrace the tradition and put the holiday spirit back in your life!

All this knowledge for
Only $17.00

90 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Click Here to Order


P.S. You still have plenty of time. Take back the holiday. You'll be glad you did!

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check db effects
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