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Name Marker Latitude/LongitudeTextSubmitted OnSubmitted By
Adelaide Office Oceania -34.921304/138.597475More in Store for You.15-Jul-2010 Phoenix
Amsterdam Store European Union 52.888579/5.174561Tulips anyone?17-Sep-2008 Phoenix
Another JB Creation Oceania -27.471116/153.023973Online Jewellery16-Sep-2008 Negätory
Great Lakes Designs North America 41.499713/-81.693716Dragonfly Theme Store17-Sep-2008 rlgura
London Store European Union 51.500789/-0.14226417-Sep-2008 Phoenix
Los Angeles Store North America 34.052187/-118.24342516-Sep-2008 Phoenix
New York Store North America 40.756570/-73.974037Try our Waldorf salad16-Sep-2008 Phoenix
Ronin Technologies North America 50.839223/-114.00929010-Jul-2010 Ronin
SecureAspects North America 29.884329/-98.12193017-Feb-2011 FrankS
Tokyo Store Asia 35.708459/139.70214817-Sep-2008 Phoenix
www.masinosinaga.com Asia -6.211544/106.845172Situs Visual Basic bersama Masino Sinaga or The Visual Basic 6 Site with Masino Sinaga09-Oct-2008 Masino_Sinaga

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