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Forums » DragonflyCMS Projects » Treasury and Supporters » error on treasury upgrade
error on treasury upgrade
For managing donations, site expenses and supporters - further enhancements only in the Donations Pro version.
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Nice Poster

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Joined: Aug 28, 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 4:32 am
Post subject: error on treasury upgrade

Can you help please i got errors on the upgrade and block showing wrong infomation as well as tables fields missing in admin config. I followed your install to the word.

error code

Notice line 59: Undefined variable: header
Notice line 64: Undefined index: item_name
Notice line 65: Undefined index: item_number
Notice line 66: Undefined index: payment_status
Notice line 67: Undefined index: mc_gross
Notice line 68: Undefined index: mc_fee
Notice line 69: Undefined index: mc_currency
Notice line 70: Undefined index: txn_id
Notice line 71: Undefined index: txn_type
Notice line 72: Undefined index: receiver_email
Notice line 73: Undefined index: payer_email
Notice line 74: Undefined index: first_name
Notice line 75: Undefined index: last_name
Notice line 76: Undefined index: address_street
Notice line 77: Undefined index: address_city
Notice line 78: Undefined index: address_state
Notice line 79: Undefined index: address_zip
Notice line 80: Undefined index: address_country
Notice line 81: Undefined index: invoice
Notice line 82: Undefined index: memo
Notice line 83: Undefined index: option_name2
Notice line 84: Undefined index: option_selection2
Notice line 85: Undefined index: address_status
Notice line 90: Undefined index: settle_amount
Notice line 91: Undefined index: exchange_rate
Notice line 255: Undefined index: payment_date
Notice line 255: strtotime(): Called with empty time parameter

please see below for wrong displays

cheers from Tim Radio Gets Wild

radiogetswild's server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS)
MySQL Version 5.0.45 PHP Version 4.4.7 apache is 1.3.39 Dragonfly 9.2.1 windows Vista
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