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  # Status Priority Subject Module Date Report AssignHrs
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 30 Done High Database Error on Upgrade from 9.2.3 to 9.3.0 treasury 2008-04-09JJKKING Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 27 Done High Broken link on Continue Shopping from cart bizstore 2008-03-05Azbaja Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 19 Done High Orders not reporting correct quantity storez 2008-01-21AIPman1 Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 14 Done High Mreviews category block links incorrect mreviews 2008-01-17AIPman1 Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 9 Done High Installer error - column count storez 2008-01-11Alan Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 8 Done High Installer syntax error storez 2008-01-10Alan Phoenix 0.0
FeatureAll VisitorsView 6 Done High Need a shopping module. storez 2008-01-09Phoenix Phoenix 0.0
FeatureAll VisitorsView 5 Done High Treasury needs full Auto-Return treasury 2008-01-09Phoenix Phoenix 0.0
FeatureAll VisitorsView 2 Done High Develop a mod to handle requests bugger 2008-01-03Phoenix Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 179 Done Norm Repeat DONATION monthly donations 2012-06-13Vader7 Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 177 Done Norm Add Comments blogs 2012-05-10Vader7 Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 171 Done Norm Storez upgrade to 9.5.0 SQL error storez 2012-01-18Layingback Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 170 Done Norm Edit and delete options storez 2011-12-19RickC Phoenix 0.3
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 169 Done Norm Missing Email Notifications with ForumsPlus forums 2011-11-24Layingback Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 168 Done Norm Order Status storez 2010-05-21Rusty_ Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 166 Done Norm monthly recurring events in CPGNUcalendar 2.1.0 cpgnucalendar 2010-05-05Merlin Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 165 Done Norm Storez Orders with 0 Tax storez 2010-03-07Layingback Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 144 Done Norm General Settings Measurement Units storez 2010-01-14RickC Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 143 Done Norm Redirect Free Quote storez 2010-01-14RickC Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 142 Done Norm SQL error when trying to copy an Item storez 2010-01-14RickC Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 141 Done Norm User Account Activation link broken your_account 2010-01-05Gamekeeper Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 114 Done Norm error problem installing newsletters 2009-12-17Radiogetswild Phoenix 0.0
FeatureAll VisitorsView 111 Done Norm Request--might be bug check forum post your_account 2009-12-15Dizfunkshunal Phoenix 0.0
FeatureAll VisitorsView 109 Done Norm Another Suggested Feature - Cloaking forums 2009-12-13BadCO Phoenix 0.0
BuggeredAll VisitorsView 107 Done Norm db error - user prefix issue your_account 2009-12-12Dizfunkshunal Phoenix 0.0
150 buggers listed, 109 buggered off, 31 declined, 8 on hold.