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 #172 » MySQL Import
 Date Open: Jan 30, 2012 at 12:44:24    Last Update: Jan 30, 2012 at 12:54:55 Bugger Off: Open 
 Description: I have been entering items by uploading with a SQL file I make in Excel.

In order to get the category counts to show correctly all I would have to do is edit any item in the category I uploaded to and push the update button and everything would work fine.

After the newest update 9.5

Now each item shows up with the button “view details” if I push that button it sends me an Email,

Subject: Notification: R.F. Engine - Link Visit for Delete Test
User Name/ID: Guest

Product http://www.dieselcranks.com/index.php?name=Storez&file=product&id=6357
Link "

Now I have to go into each new item and push the update to have it show correctly.
Question is any idea why the change or how to get around it.

Also maybe for the next update we could do some sort of import/export from Excel.

 Request: Feature
 Application: Module
 Module: storez
 Bugger From: RickC
 Debugger: Phoenix
 Group Access: All Visitors
 DiscussIt Forum: Storez
 DiscussIt Topic: MySQL Import
 Status: Open
 Priority: Norm
 Topic Replies:
 Mar 14, 2012
"View Details" should only appear for an item designated as a link, off-site as opposed to an on-site item.

This only comes into play when you enter a value in Product Link - redirects Off Site: i.e. the prodLink field which I thought was introduced before v9.5

Can you provide a sample of your Excel file?
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